After School Clubs0

All our clubs are up and running this half term. We have 25 clubs per week for our children to choose from! 👏👍

Mondays  – KS2 Food Review, Music, KS2 Football, KS2 Street Dance

Tuesdays – Yr1 Colouring, Yr2 Maths Games, KS1 Multiskill, KS1 Storytelling, Yr3/4 Computer Club, 

Yr6 News & Views, Science Club, Poetry Club, KS2 Jigsaw Club.

Thursdays – Yr2 Art & Craft, KS1 Ballet Class, KS1 Board Games, KS2 Photography Club, Music, 

Knitting Club, Debating Club, KS2 Art& Craft, Jewellery Club.

Fridays – KS2 Fitness Club, Choir, Explores Club




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